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Our Story

Compact and Convenient

THE JIGBOX™ was founded in 2023 by an avid angler that's been fishing the waters all over the northeast for decades. The company is rooted and founded on a basic philosophy that organization and preparation are necessary ingredients to constantly landing trophy fish.

Especially in tournament fishing, every second matters. Having rigs pre-tied, knowing exactly where each lure is, having everything readily available within an arms reach. These simple actions save seconds and those seconds add up to minutes and sometimes even hours throughout the day. That's all time your line wasn't in the water.

These thoughts are what drives our box designs. Eliminating the unnecessary and focusing on the best performing product we can make.

We started with two variations of the box and plan to expand the line in the near future to be able to cover all your storage needs. Follow our social media for the most up-to date information about new store locations and new upcoming variations of the box.

Thank you for making THE JIGBOX™ a part of your fishing arsenal.

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