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When it comes to describing our products or our business standards, we believe that our customers say it best. Take a look at their feedback below and learn what people are saying about THE JIGBOX™.


Nuno Decosta - Tyalure Tackle

"Having been a true tackle junkie for my entire life  and our inception into the retail game 3 years ago at Tyalure Tackle we are always looking for solutions to simplify fishing. The Jigbox, did just that. A convenient and smart way to store your tog jigs or bucktails. No more rolling around in trays or bags, no more chipped paint and no more fumbling around to find the right jig. You can organize your jigs based on size, color  and/or style." #tacklepusher approved 


Matt Stone - Black Hall Outfitters

"The Custom Jigbox was a hit with our tackle shop customers. Chipped paint and disorganization are challenges when storing tautog jigs and fluke bucktails. The Jigbox holds a ton of jigs and does so securely - they won't fall out even if you shake the box! We are excited to have The Jigbox on our shelves in 2024."

Screenshot_20240118_145048_Document Viewer.jpg

Rob Zorn - iBass360 - Sport Fishing Outlet

"Finally a product that is functional and durable! Protect your investment with The Jigbox! Your jigs will love you for it!"

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