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Jigbox Type 1

Say goodbye to cluttered tackle boxes with Jigbox Type 1. This custom tackle box was specifically designed to hold larger, heavier jigs commonly used in inshore fishing. Made with high-grade materials, this box is durable and long-lasting, allowing you to securely store jigs weighing more than 6oz and with upwards of 8/0 hooks. Its size of 25cm x 19cm x 4cm means it can easily fit in most shoulder bags, making it the go-to for any fishing trip.

Jigbox Type 2

Introducing the Jigbox Type 2, the perfect addition to your fishing tackle collection. With a compact size and sturdy construction, this box is designed to hold smaller sized jigs ranging from 1/4 oz to over 3 oz, with hook sizes from 2/0 to over 4/0. Its unique design allows for maximum horizontal storage, with the ability to hold over 60 jigs in a single box. Get yours today and organize your tackle with ease!

Jigbox Type 3 Hybrid

The perfect combination of the Type 1 and Type 2 Jigbox, the all new Hybrid box adds to the level of versatility in your tackle. With the utilization of our double sided block, the hybrid box allows for storage of a wider ranger of hook and jig sizes. The new Hybrid Box is what you need those multi species hunts.

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